Adventures through Paris

A heavy necklace weighs down the bottom of fourteen-year-old (almost fifteen!) Misty’s purse as she finds herself flying alone to Paris to bring the necklace to her cousin for her wedding. Why her cousin wants to wear this bulky, fake-bejeweled necklace on her wedding day, Misty doesn’t know, but if it means a trip to Paris and being in the chicest of Parisian weddings, then yes, she’s bringing it.

As she crosses the Atlantic, Misty imagines herself transformed from a teen from a small town in Michigan into a stylish Parisian. Should she be an Audrey Hepburn in a red evening gown or a street urchin sporting a jaunty beret with a navy coat? In her dreams, she’s munching a chocolate croissant and sipping a tiny coffee as she walks though the bustling cobblestone streets. Vive la Paris!

Misty is jolted from her dreams, though, when a mysterious man sitting next to her attempts to steal the necklace. Misty must find its secret. Is it costume jewelry, or does it connect her family to the French past and Marie Antoinette as her aunt says? Either way, she must keep it safe, with the help of her new friends, including the French boy with the scruffy beard, even if it means no time for transformations or munching croissants.

Join Misty in her laugh-a-minute adventures through Paris, as she saves the necklace and her family and transforms, not into a Parisian, but a young teen with her own sense of self and style.

Vive la Misty!