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When a winter storm approaches, neighbors ask Rose to babysit their children, six in all, including precocious seven-year old Lily. She is sure she can’t handle the responsibility, especially when Lily’s father arrives and demands he take Lily—is he a distraught parent or the villain he seems to be?

To keep the children safe, Rose must shake her fears and find her faith. In doing so, she starts on an adventure that changes her and the children’s lives forever, even gaining Rose a makeshift family.

Enjoy Rose’s sparrows as they climb out windows, trek through snowstorms, chase around hotels, and find endless trouble from unexpected villains.

Will you ever babysit alone after reading it?


A winsome cast of characters stars hard-working teen Rose; precocious youngster Lily; British teen Marvin and his triplet wee brothers; and various parents, present and missing.

The plot Is exciting, with just enough tension to keep you reading but not to scare you witless.