I like Candy!

An Apple!

When trick-or-treating started in the 1930s and 1940s, neighbors handed out anything and everything: homemade cookies, pieces of cake, apples, pennies, and even toys. At least it wasn’t a rock!


In the 1950s, candy manufacturers wanted their products included in Halloween and started running ads. Then, as trick-or-treating became more popular and gangs of kids came to your door, candy was cheap, easy, and safe. 

Quick Facts

  • Candy corn was originally called chicken feed. 
  • Candy corn has been called the worst candy but others say Mary Janes enjoy the honor. Where do you stand on this debate?
  • In 1930, Frank Mars invented the Snickers bar, named after his horse.
  • Americans spend $2.6 billion on candy for Halloween.

Best Fact

According the California Milk Processors Board, the average Jack-O-Lantern bucket holds about 250 pieces of candy, which is about 9,000 calories and three pounds of sugar.