Almost Summer Newsletter 2019

Before summer starts officially, Larry and the squirrels want to give you some advice about what to plant in your gardens, although we humans are wondering if squirrels and gardens go together. We’ll see …  Also, the humans at Squirrels at the Door want to provide a countdown to exciting publishing news happening soon. Enjoy, Larry Read more about Almost Summer Newsletter 2019[…]

Labor Day Newsletter 2018

Happy End of Summer in Black & White! Our author, Kathy Vincenz, has been digging into the history of the 1930’s for her series of stories about little Margie from Seven Mile Creek, Wisconsin–her mother. Kathy became intrigued to write the stories not only because Margie is her mother, but because these pictures of Margie Read more about Labor Day Newsletter 2018[…]

Winter 2018 Newsletter

    Happy President’s Day! Larry the Squirrel dressed like George Washington again this year¬†because he and the squirrels dug up new facts about how indestructible¬†George was. The squirrels also gathered facts about all the presidents and made a quiz to test your presidential knowledge. For our older readers, Larry added a link to a Read more about Winter 2018 Newsletter[…]